Our services

Complete and part loads at national level  

24-Hour service on the routes between greater Hamburg and southern Bavaria / North Austria.
Complete and part loads on an international level, reinforced: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia. Other countries that we provide in east europe:
Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and in west europe the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

Groupage transport: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey

Air and ocean freight worldwide.     

Storage at our headquaters

Experience the AH effect!

Tailor-made transport solutions as well as individual advice justify our cooperative relationship with our customers, as well as continued growth of our business.


Customs processing

 - ATLAS (automated tariff and local customs processing system) - export
 - electronic customs declaration
 - Community transit
Transports to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan count from 2011 to our specialty.

For the regions and export to Azerbaijan &; Georgia, we offer the following additional services:

- Transfer and Combination of goods of all kinds all over the world by all modes of transport
- Picking and consolidation of goods in our warehouse
- Neutralization of the documents/goods
- Storage of duty-free goods under official seal
- Documentation, daily information about the status of their shipments
- Shipment tracking via the Internet
- T1 provision, T1 opening, electronic customs declaration (EX A) via ATLAS
- Preparation of Carnet TIR

Your shipments will be shipped according to requirement by truck as

- Full and part loads
- Azerbaijan & Georgia: Groupage traffic (weekly Baku & Tbilisi)
- ADR transport

Other services:

- Heavy and special transport
- Rail air sea transport
- transport insurance service
- Export Russia: customs clearance services in Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine
- Customs clearance in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland
- Proof of export and re-export certificates are managed in a special service center and sent to the respective senders.

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